We build on 70 years of experience

Since 1950, we have been working to develop new and innovative solutions

This is supported by our vision of fully promoting the development of the future meeting and teaching room, based on our large network in Denmark and abroad.

We will constantly develop new products and concepts that emanate from new aspects of learning and teaching.



Milestones in Nordisk Group’s history

Take a journey in time. An exciting journey, starting with an idea that evolved during World War II, and became reality with the Marshall Plan – the dream was to start a board factory.

On February 1st, 1950, Poul Sørensen started Nordisk Skoletavle Fabrik with strong faith and help from the Marshall Plan.
In the beginning, the best advertising was conducted by the competitor – printed in the architect magazine – it sparked the customers’ curiosity about the new provider!
The new factory in the suburbs of Kolding – almost on the countryside!
First export to Pakistan of Poul Sørensen’s own invention of a writing surface, sprayed on carton and exported in rolls of 20 metres. This product lasted until relocation of the company in 2005.
Nordisk Skoletavle Fabrik was the main supplier to Ole Park’s open plan schools and the first flex boards on rails were installed in Scanticon in Aarhus. Poul Sørensen developed the Ole Park colour “pigeon blue” for chalk boards.
25-year anniversary with music by Kolding Girl Orchestra. Mr. & Mrs. Sørensen in the first row.
2nd generation joined the company and development of the first conference system on rails. “Moduline” was introduced to the market.
The product followed the trend of establishing conference hotels in Denmark.
The company expands the export to the entire Middle East, including one of the largest board orders for Qatar University of exclusively boards. Order value: DKK 4 million back then.
Nordisk Skoletavle Fabrik is at a trade fair in Indonesia, resulting in the establishment of exports to the Far East. Russia followed a few years later.
After some years of export to Hong Kong, Nordisk Skoletavle Fabrik sets up a company in Hong Kong with a Chinese partner for sale of our products in Hong Kong and China.
Our conference concept “Moduline” is so popular that we decide to be a permanent resident at the Scandinavian Trade Mart – and win ROOM PRICE in 1992.
The 2nd generation being Pia Thybo buys the company.
Focus on Europe increases and we found a subsidiary in Germany with the concept “The Flexible Classroom”. The German company still sells our products throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol.
The company relocates to completely new buildings, enabling a coherent setup, which has been the idea for many years. The new buildings contain production, administration, innovation and conference centre. Otto Wagner was the architect, who understood our thoughts and designed the new building.
In 2011, the 3rd generation enters the company – Tanja and Nicky Thybo.
Nordisk Skoletavle Fabrik’s furniture partner on the German market goes bankrupt and we decide to develop our very own furniture line during 2013 and 2014.
Nordisk Skoletavle Fabrik changes name to Nordisk Group, as the old name conveys a wrong image. We are no longer just a blackboard factory, but a company that develops concepts.

After long deliberation, we decide to keep a small part of the old name “Nordisk” as we do not want to throw everything overboard, and add “Group” that contains our various competence areas.
As a major innovation, Nordisk Group introduces a CO2-reducing board series “Earth” – an idea generated by the 3rd generation in Nordisk Group.

It complies with the UN’s world goals on responsible consumption and production.
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