EARTH Chalkboard (Sustainable)

As a part of our fight against global warming and increased focus on sustainable materials, we have created this chalkboard. 

It complies with the UN’s world goals abo responsible consumption and production.
The board is made of FSC certified material and the production is 100% pure wind energy.
The edge is made of one of the most sustainable materials, bamboo, which is a grass that after being cut down, grows up again and in the process records Co2.

Through the organisation OneTreePlanted, minimum one tree per board is planted. This makes the whole supply chain sustainable, affected by the raw materials and transmission of the board to the consumer.
Apart from having sustainable elements, the board design is very beautiful.


Frame: Carbondised Bamboo
Test: FSC Certified
Warranty: 5 years on production defects, 25 years on the writing surface
Mounting: Hidden mounting brackets
Complies with UN’s World goals, sub-goal 12

Height: 120,6 cm
Width: 50-240 cm


Charcoal surface


Extension bracket for underlying wires

One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a nonprofit organization founded in Shelburne, Vermont. The team works with replanting organizations around the world who need financial support to help them get more trees in the ground. Nordisk Group started cooperation with One Tree Planted in 2018.

Read more about the organization

FSC Certificeret

FSC is the only global labeling for wood that has broad support from green organizations such as WWF, Greenpeace and World Forests, social organizations such as the BAT cartel and from companies worldwide. FSC has 10 basic principles on which all FSC certifications worldwide are based. In other words, when you buy an FSC-labeled product, you know what you get – whether it is a product from Denmark or Bolivia. FSC is the only labeling system in the field of paper and wood, which in this way has one set of rules that apply worldwide. The abbreviation FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council.

Read more about FSC

UN’s World goals, sub-goal 12

Responsible Consumption and Production is one of 17 world goals included in the Development Agenda for Sustainable Development towards 2030. An integrated approach is crucial for progress across the various objectives. Economic growth and sustainable development require that we as soon as possible reduce our footprint on nature by changing the way we produce and consume our goods and resources. Agriculture is the largest consumer of water worldwide, and artificial irrigation now stands for approx. 70 percent of all freshwater consumption intended for human use.

Read more about UN’s World goals, sub-goal 12

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