The Organizer basic cabinet comes with up to three rooms. The interior of the cabinets can be designed according to your wishes and needs with shelves, trays and sliding doors, etc. The flexible cabinets can be used for multiple needs: storage, worktable, room divider, etc.

The cabinets are manufactured with a reinforced iron frame and have hidden safety wheels that prevent your feet from getting caught. All Organizer cabinets are made from 19-mm plates with ABS edge strips. The standard color is light gray with silver edges.






Basic cabinet 140 x 90 x 50 cm (w x h x d)
1 room divider
2 room divider
3 room divider

Small shelf                   32,3 x 43,0 cm
Medium shelf              66,5 x 43,0 cm
Large shelf                 100,7 x 43,0 cm

Medium drawer                   7,5 cm
Large drawer                         15 cm

Sliding doors Cylinder lock

Test: TÜV
Warrenty: 5 år
Complies with DIN EN 1729-1:2006-09, DIN EN 1729-2: 04.12, AfPS GS 2014:01



Light Grey





    Quality – cabinets We never compromise on quality, which is why all of our materials for furniture’s are carefully collected. We use high quality steel, compact laminate and PUR. The larger cabinets are made with a reinforced metal frame in the top and bottom and extra powerful wheels. The smaller cabinets are made from high strength compact laminate. Therefore, we provide a 5-year warranty on all furniture’s. CABINETS Features + Benefits: Easy to handle Optimal cleaning Scratches, fire, bacteria and chemical resistant Can be loaded with 250 kg

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