ROLL Partitioning Screen

The double-sided partitioning screens can be used as bulletin boards, writing boards and function as flexible room dividers. The many color options for the fabrics can liven up any office or class room.  The partitioning screens can be easily interconnected with a bracket at the top of the oval columns. The columns have furthermore been given a robust surface coating to avoid scratches. The feet are designed so that you do not “stumble” on them – and can also be provided with wheels.

Partitioning Screens are ideal for space division with countless combinations and color options.


Overflade: Whiteboard, kridt og stof
Lister: Naturelokseret aluminium
Test: TÜV
Garanti: 10 år for produktionsfejl

15 cm air from floor to screen wall
Column measurements: 135, 155 og 175 cm
Width: 120 cm
Height: 120, 140 og 160 cm

40 cm air from floor to screen wall
Column measurements: 190 cm
Width: 120 cm
Height: 150 cm




Whiteboard. Chalk: charcoal. Fabric color: See color scale


Carpet Wheels
Rubber Wheels


Quality Boards

We never compromise on quality, which is why all of our steel surfaces are ceramic, which provides a cleaning-friendly and durable board that is moreover magnetic. The steel ceramic surface is burned at 700-900 degrees, which forms a completely closed surface which almost makes it impossible to damage the writing surface. Frames and pen trays are constructed in a thickness that helps to stabilize the board, which makes it very stable for projection. Therefore, we dare to provide a 25-year warranty on the board surface. Features + Benefits: Super smooth writing surface Optimal eras ability Scratches, fire, bacteria and chemical resistant Minimal surface / light distortion Colorfast—will not fade 99.9% recyclable

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