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School Chairs

Nordisk Furniture chairs are made with a flexible ergonomic seat in reinforced and dyed polyurethane (PUR) with a fine structured surface, which makes all our chairs practical and feels safe to sit on.
The seat is available in two sizes.

Standard colors for chair seats are charcoal, coral red, blue and dusty green. Alternatively, the seat is available in wood veneer.

The organic chairs are equipped with handles in the back so students can easily handle the chairs.
The seat is made with a strong narrow back that allows you to sit different ways on the chair – this gives a great freedom of movement.
The seat is recyclable.

Frame for Jump and Rest is made of 25 millimeter epoxy-treated high-strength silver iron with plastic or felt gliders.
Frame for Runner and Runner High is made of chrome with black base and stable wheels or felt feets.
The frame for the Spider chair is bent in 14 mm solid round tube in silver epoxy.

Underneath the seat is mounted universal sliders and protectors that protect the hangers on the tables.

It is our chairs that adapt to size and age.

The chairs can be fitted with a padded upholstry seat.

All chairs are TÜV / LGA tested, so your safety is top notch. In addition, the chairs are design protected.

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