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School Tables

Nordisk Furniture tables are made with a tabletop in solid 12 millimeter compact laminate with black core. Compact laminate is a very strong material and is extremely resistant to shocks and scratches.
Standard colors for table tops are light gray or light oak – in addition we have special colors in charcoal, blue, coral red and dust green.

The frame is made of 38 millimeter epoxy-treated steel tube in silver.
All frames are fitted with wheels so that the installation can be changed quickly and easily – even by children.
Many of the models are also stackable.

All tables have the same height and can be assembled across the different models, also with several of our smaller models.
It is our chairs that adapt to the age.

When the tables are placed together in groups there is a passage in the middle for wires. The tables can be provided with chair suspension, hook for schoolbags, heightadjustable legs etc.

All tables are TÜV / LGA tested, so your safety is the best.
In addition, the tables are design protected.

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