THE FLEXIBLE CLASSROOM Educational Flexboards

Educational boards are a natural element in The Flexible Classroom.
A good tool for learning styles: Learning with eyes, ears, hands and body.

Nordisk Group and educational consultant Helle Fisker have together created a professional development-oriented learning environment that is immediately accessible to everyone and offers the individual optimal condition for the learning process “That children learn differently is neither new nor revolutionary, but that boards go in and support the children in these differences, is new! ” says Helle Fisker.

The educational boards are available in the following editions: Letter board, Number board, Game board, Circle board, 4 x 11 board.

The boards are double-sided and form a natural element on the rail in The flexible classroom.


Frame: Natural anodized aluminum
Test: TÜV EN14434, Danish Indoor Climate Label
Warranty: 5 years on production defects, 25 years on the writing surface
Mounting: Rails

Height: 118,5 cm
Width: 118,5 cm



Whiteboard. Chalk: charcoal.


Indbrænding og staffering til Flextavler.
5 cm kvadrering
10 cm kvadrering
Nodesystem (4 systemer af fem linjer)


    Quality – The Flexible Classroom

    We never compromise on quality, therefore all our products in the Flexible Classroom guarantee good security with GS certificate from the German furniture testing institute LGA. The board is constructed with a lightweight beeboard, with corner reinforcements and the element is applied with a moisture barrier and edges in aluminum. The top bracket for rail suspension is designed to withstand a load up to 200 kg. All corners of boards are made of shock-absorbing rubber. The steel ceramic surface is burned at 700-900 degrees, which forms a completely closed surface which almost makes it impossible to damage the writing pad. The wear resistance of the fabric surface is 50,000 martindales. Minimal traces of needle use are left behind. Our products comply with EU standards EN 14434 Therefore, we dare to provide a 25-year warranty on the whiteboard and chalk surface.

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