Flexible flipchart for use on rails. The flipchart is designed with slightly rounded edges and plastic corners on pentray according to European standard.

The flipchart is framed with a slender aluminum frame.

The suspension brackets are inserted ball bearings, which make the boards slide silently on the rails. An aluminum spacer wheel with rubber edge protects the wall.

The aluminum frame is provided with a tilting device so that the flipchart gets the right angle when writing. After use, the flipchart is folded in to the wall so that it does not fill up unnecessarily. The flip top board element is a magnetic whiteboard, so if you run out of paper – the rescue is at the back.

There is also the option of suspending magnetic pen holder at the bottom. The block holder at the top puts the finishing touches in both design and function.

The flipchart comes with a block. The block holder can hold all types of blocks, and single sheets can be inserted the block holder’s clamping function.



Frame: Natural anodized aluminum
Test: TÜV EN14434, Danish Indoor Climate Label
Warranty: 5 years on production defects, 25 years on the writing surface
Mounting: Rails

Height: 118,1 cm
Width: 80 cm




Flipover blok


Quality – The Flexible Classroom

We never compromise on quality, therefore all our products in the Flexible Classroom guarantee good security with GS certificate from the German furniture testing institute LGA. The board is constructed with a lightweight beeboard, with corner reinforcements and the element is applied with a moisture barrier and edges in aluminum. The top bracket for rail suspension is designed to withstand a load up to 200 kg. All corners of boards are made of shock-absorbing rubber. The steel ceramic surface is burned at 700-900 degrees, which forms a completely closed surface which almost makes it impossible to damage the writing pad. The wear resistance of the fabric surface is 50,000 martindales. Minimal traces of needle use are left behind. Our products comply with EU standards EN 14434 Therefore, we dare to provide a 25-year warranty on the whiteboard and chalk surface.

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