High Danish quality and care for the environment

Nordisk Group has always been known for high quality

Since our beginning in 1950, we have always made sure that quality, design and functionality rank first – and still do today.

In 1950, Nordisk Group was founded by Poul Sørensen, who from the beginning was a trained craftsman and therefore put quality and craft traditions first. A mainstay, which we have maintained with continuous integration of new technologies.

Concern for our environment and sustainable thinking

Nordisk Group has as something completely new developed a series of boards that are CO2-reducing – not just neutral. The products are FSC certified and Nordisk Group has the same certification. Each board plants one tree and the energy for the production of this specific board series comes from wind energy.

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The best boards in the world

We focus on the safety of our customers. Thus, our products are subject to all relevant tests and manufactured in our own factory in Kolding. As the first board factory in Europe, our boards have for many years been tested by TÜV/LGA. Our products also comply with the EU standard EN 14434 with test certificates from TÜV/LGA. To maintain the quality all the way through, our specially trained installers can complete the task.

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Boards and furniture products are prodeces in our factory in Kolding

Nordisk Group has hands on the products all the way through the manufacturing process.

We have chosen to keep production in Denmark. Our specially trained board specialists of many years follow the process with a watchful eye and our CNC machine enables cutting of boards and furniture parts.

Quality suppliers

Nordisk Group only uses high-standard suppliers from Europe.

In order to keep the standard all the way through, Nordisk Group only uses selected suppliers with the same high quality level as our and the required certificates.

Quality project before delivery

Nordisk Group takes pride in delivering what our customers expect – and a little more!

Each department is responsible for quality control in accordance with our quality manuals, in order to ensure that the product has undergone several quality checks prior to shipping.

Safe delivery

Our requirements are extremely high.

A large part of our range is in stock or can be delivered within a few weeks at reasonable amounts. Special solutions provide a delivery time in consultation with our customer.

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