Our focus on sustainability has already resulted in the development and launch of a number of new and sustainable products, and more are in the pipeline.

In our sustainable product range, we work innovatively, focusing on the use of sustainable materials such as recycled plastics, recycled aluminium and FSC®-certified bamboo.

In addition, we manufacture our products using 100% clean energy in the form of wind power and also meeting the UN Global Goals in terms of responsible consumption and production.

Through our close collaboration with One Tree Planted, we ensure that new trees are planted to an extent which secures a sustainable chain of supply and which also compensates for purchases of raw materials and the shipping of finished products to our customers.


EARTH is a series of premium boards made from sustainable materials and underneath responsible matters. The beautiful edge of the boards is made of bamboo, which quickly grows up again precipitates and absorbs CO2 in the growth process. Through a close collaboration with One Tree Planted we ensure that at least one tree is planted per EARTH board that we produce. The EARTH design is pure and simple in its expression and matches the underlying philosophy most beautiful show.

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Re-(d)use is the name for our known standard products ION in a more sustainable version. In the production of these products, we work with a high degree of recycled materials such as recycled plastic, recycled paper and recycled aluminum.

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One Tree Planted is a nonprofit organization founded in Shelburne, Vermont. The team works with replanting organizations around the world who need financial support to help them get more trees in the ground. Nordisk Group started cooperation with One Tree Planted in 2018.



FSC® is the only global labeling for wood that has broad support from green organizations such as WWF, Greenpeace and World Forests, social organizations such as the BAT cartel and from companies worldwide. FSC has 10 basic principles on which all FSC certifications worldwide are based. In other words, when you buy an FSC-labeled product, you know what you get – whether it is a product from Denmark or Bolivia. FSC is the only labeling system in the field of paper and wood, which in this way has one set of rules that apply worldwide. The abbreviation FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council.

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