Sales and delivery terms

NORDISK GROUP A/S says thank you for the order and your choice of us as supplier.
We value quality and service very high, and are in constant development for the benefit of our many customers.

Nordisk Group A/S (hereinafter referred to as NG) is only liable for damage caused by our products on items/fixtures, provided that it can be proven that the injury is due to errors or neglect by NG.
NG is in no case responsible for operating loss, lost profits or other financial consequence loss.
To the extent that NG may be subject to product liability towards third parties, the buyer is obliged to indemnify NG in the extent to which NG’s responsibility is limited to the above.
If a third party makes a claim for damages against the buyer due to product damage, the buyer must immediately inform NG about this.
If NG is to make repairs and/or replace our products with the buyer, NG assumes no liability to the buyer’s furniture, if our products are not freely available for dismantling.
Compensation claims against NG cannot exceed the invoice amount for the item sold.

Unless otherwise stated on the order confirmation, delivery is EX WORKS and EXCL. ASSEMBLY.
When delivering boards over 200cm, assistance from the recipient is necessary.
Delivery takes place under normal force majeure reservations.
The goods will be quality-controlled in the factory. Please examine the goods for transport damage before receipt. In case of suspected transport damage, please refuse receipt of the product concerned.
Please make sure to notify NG about change of delivery time or design changes no later than 4 days after the order confirmation date.

We do not receive returns unless advance agreement has been made with Nordisk Group A/S:
the item is a standard product.
the standard product is returned within 8 days from the invoice date.
the item is received in undamaged condition.

Upon return, we charge a fee of 10% of the product price.

We reserve the right to request cash payments for deliveries due to building delays. If NG is forced to store the goods in an external warehouse, we reserve the right to invoice the cost for this.

For orders incl. fitting, it is a condition that
the premises/school is freely available.
the installation site is free from objects.
the technical installations are completed.
the electrical installations are located correctly in relation to the boards.

Otherwise, we reserve the right to charge for any additional costs.

In case of late payment according to the terms of payment, a 1.0% interest is charged per month.

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