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Flexible Classroom for Classes 5 and 7. “Ok, students, rearrange your furniture for the examination now! …And now it is time for group work. You can work in groups of 2, 3 or 4. Please put the furniture together quickly.”
‘Quickly’ is the key word in the last sentence, as with the traditional furniture most schools have, there is nothing quick about moving around heavy furniture, and rearranging it could take the better part of a lesson.
However, with the new flexible furniture (recently imported from Europe) that classes 5 and 7 have, rearranging it to suit different learning styles is very simple.
The furniture is light (but sturdy), and the triangle-shaped desks have a wheel, allowing students to move it around easily. The shape of the tables allows different formations, from individual work to working in groups of several students.

Not only are the tables flexible, but the “blackboards” too. Blackboards in inverted commas, as Class 7 has blue chalk boards, Class 5 grey ones, in addition to white boards in both classes.
All boards can be reversed to be used as pin boards. And perhaps the most important factor is that these boards are no longer a permanent fixture at the front of the room, but rather a flexible teaching aid.
With railings around the classroom, the boards can easily be taken down and re-installed anywhere in the room.
The fact that we have ergonomic, blue, red and grey chairs in the rooms makes the whole experience even better.
While flexible furniture cannot be used as a replacement for good teaching, it is definitely helping us to use a whole variety of learning methods in class.
The furniture is being used in the two classrooms as a pilot programme this year and if the results of using it are seen as successful, it will be implemented in other classes over the coming years.

Deutsche Schule Nairobi

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