Products for flexible and multifunctional rooms

What is the flexible classroom?
We create the framework for The Flexible Classroom with you!

With our flexible products, we enable a longer and more varied school day, where you can immerse yourself and become better, individually or in groups.Furniture and boards are flexible and can be changed during the day, as the rooms require a different set-up.

The Flexible Classroom creates coherence between interior design and teaching, as well as an optimal framework for differentiated teaching.A concept that can be implemented on all walls and throughout the room, for a single group or the whole class. It should be fun to teach and learn!

The Flexible Classroom includes:
Tables in different shapes and sizes, chairs for different ages, cabinets on wheels, boards and rails.

Both boards and furniture are TÜV/GS certified.

Short introduction to the “The Flexible Classroom”

Flexible furniture for dynamic learning environments

Our design-protected school furniture with focus on organic forms, flexibility, function, design, safety and colours supports the processes in “The Flexible Classroom”. We have many years of experience within designing multifunctional and flexible teaching rooms and would like to inspire and create a connection between teaching, products and the physical layout according to current demands.

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Flexible and up-to-date board solutions

Our board solutions with focus on flexibility, function, design, safety and colours support the processes in “The Flexible Classroom” together with our furniture. The board system is completely flexible and is easily used by all ages.

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Large selection of board systems and flexible furniture

Please contact us for a consultant visit and let us create the ideal interior design solution, based on your needs.


Interior design


Take advantage of your free space and use it as active learning areas in order to expand the possibilities for multifunctional use during the day.
Use the areas for relaxation, group work, homework and projects.
Make space for all learning styles with e.g. low-sitting groups, high-sitting groups
and delimited areas for quiet work.

Let us come up with an interior design proposal, based on your wishes.

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